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AirFi Network provides users with a high-tech decentralized financial asset that allows users to receive a reward in a stable model of a fixed compound interest through the use of a unique Auto-Staking. AirFi Network Auto-Staking is a new financial protocol with an enhanced security system. It simplifies and increases the efficiency of staking and provides holders of $AFI tokens with a high and stable crypto-profit.

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Binance Smart Chain

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Q1 2022 (Phase One):

  • Team Setup
  • Project Ideation
  • Smart contracts analysis, already existing Auto Staking & Auto Compounding DEX protocols on the crypto market
  • Initial stage of developing a unique smart contract for the AirFi Network
  • Build Phase: dApp V1 Dashboard

Q2 2022 (Phase Two):

  • Build Phase: Website Development
  • Development of Whitepaper Documentation
  • Deployment Phase: dApp V1 Dashboard
  • Final stage of developing a smart contract for the AirFi Network
  • AirFi Network – Initial Build Phase

Q3 2022 (Phase Three):

  • Deployment Phase: Website Development
  • Passing of KYC by all the team members
  • Creation of social networks for the AirFi Network community
  • Publishing of articles about AirFi Network in well-known crypto news communities
  • Audit of the smart contract from audit company SolidityFinance
  • CoinMarketCap Listing of the $AFI token
  • Pre-Sale Marketing
  • Audit of the smart contract from audit company SolidProof
  • Airdrop Campaign

Q4 2022 (Phase Four)

  • AirFi Network – Building Blocks
  • AirFi Network – Node dApp
  • Build Phase – dApp V2 Dashboard
  • Launch of advertising integrations with 50 crypto bloggers on YouTube, Twitter, Telegram to promote the $AFI token and increase its popularity.
  • Advertising campaigns on Bscscan ADS, Poocoin, Dextools, resources
  • Cryptorank Listing
  • Starting of Pre-Sale
  • Listing of the $AFI token on PancakeSwap
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • Conducting a SEO AirFi Network AMA tour with well-known bloggers, advisors and founders of the other crypto projects
  • AirFi Network – Node Whitelisting
  • AirFi Network – Node Core Network Establishment
  • AirFi Network – TestNet
  • 10,000 Token Holders

Q1 2023 (Phase Five)

  • AirFi Network – MainNet
  • Launch of AirFi DEX
  • Launch of AirFi Bridge
  • Launch of AirFi DeFi
  • Launch of AirFi Scanner
  • Launch of Key Wallet Integration
  • Advertising integrations with 40 crypto bloggers on YouTube, Twitter and Telegram starting from 100,000 followers
  • Conclusion of partnerships with 10 advisers
  • 15,000 Token Holders


Team Members

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