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Metaverse connects metaverse with infrastructures powered by our token. Connecting these bridges happens through the game we develop, the stake platform we code, and the Nft Marketplace. BRN Metaverse is a technology and token project that offers innovations in the fields of Metaverse, Web 3, GameNFT & GameFI, produced on Binance Smart Chain by an idealistic and powerful team.

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BRN Token

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Binance Smart Chain

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Q1 – 2022

  •  Website Launch
  •  Global ads launch
  •  Pre-Sale
  •  Listing of Pancakeswap

Q2 – 2022

  •  CG & CMC Listing
  •  Global stock market listing
  •  Community AMA
  •  Making Sponsor Collaborations

    Q3 – 2022
  •  Updating the Website Design
  •  Burn
  •  Airdrop
  •  Stake System
  •  Acquiring MIT, Audit, CertiK Reports
  •  Establishment of new collaborations

Q4 – 2022

  •  Launching advertisements with media channels
  •  Extending the Staff
  •  Extending Social Media Advertisements
  •  Activation of the staking system
  •  Starting NFT Marketplace
  •  Designing Game and In-game Environment and Inventory
  •  Designing Game Characters
  •  Activation of NFT Marketplace

Q1 – 2023

  •  Introductions of Game Characters
  •  Introductions of Game Arenas
  •  Introductions of GameNFT
  •  Introduction of BRN Metaverse Box System
  •  Social Media Ads
  •  AMA Events with the Team
  •  BRN Metaverse Anniversary Events
  •  Burn
  •  Website Update
  •  Expanding the BRN Metaverse Ecosystem
  •  Airdrop

Q2 – 2023

  •  Unlocking and Relocking The Liquidity Tokens
  •  Burn
  •  NFT Minting
  •  Opening Of The NFT Marketplace
  •  BRN Metaverse GameNFT Sale
  •  First Cinematic Trailer
  •  Making The VIP Closed Beta Of The Game
  •  Release of Closed Beta Gameplay
  •  Game Updates
  •  Media Ads
  •  Outdoor Advertising
  •  CEX Listing

    Q3 – 2023
  •  Character Voice Over
  •  Open Beta of the Game
  •  Organizing Beta Launch Special Events (Special Awards)
  •  Streamer Deals and Game Promotion with Gameplay
  •  Configuring Game Sound Systems
  •  BRN Metaverse Blockchain Network Preparations
  •  Expanding the Team
  •  New Partnerships
  •  Adding New Playgrounds
  •  Design of New GameNFTs
  •  Game Update

Q4 – 2023

  •  Launch of New GameNFTs
  •  Updating Game Inventories
  •  Establishment of BRN Metaverse Blockchain Team
  •  Determination of Systemic Properties of BRN Metaverse Blockchain
  •  Identifying and Introducing Battle Pass Monthly Rewards
  •  NFT Airdrop
  •  Sales of In-Game Ad Spaces
  •  Game Collaborations
  •  Expanding Marketing Studies
  •  BRN Metaverse Game Launch (May vary depending on the market.)
  •  Development of AR/VR Technologies


Team Members

A much simpler project tracking for research and the world’s perfect research reference for early stage projects and for project development processes.