Nov 21 Jan’22 – Mar’22 Expanded liquid staking offerings to Hedera, Fantom and Polygon Apr’22 – June’22 Launched liquid staking on Terra 2.0 Jul’22 – Sep’22 Launched liquid staking on BNB Chain and NEAR Oct’22 – Dec’22

Airfi Network

Q1 2022 (Phase One): Q2 2022 (Phase Two): Q3 2022 (Phase Three): Q4 2022 (Phase Four) Q1 2023 (Phase Five)


Q1.2023 • Event Sponsorships and Roadshows – 1• Testnet Launch•​ TGE (Token Generation Event)• Coinmarketcap & Coingecko Listing• CEX (Centralised Exchange) & DEX (Decentralised Exchange) Listing​• More Listing on CEX & DEX• 2 Maritime Assets Token (MAT) Listing•​ Mainnet Launch​• Exchange Platform launch Q3 2023• Shipfinex Blockchain Q4 2023• Shipfinex DAO,and Marineverse Q1 2024• Tokenized […]


✅ whitepaper re l easedroadmapprivate sal e rounds ✅ website re l easedKYC & DOXX Team ✅ novation launchpad& EXCHANge NFTS ✅ websitesDapp dashboard ✅ presal & launch Staking • CMC / CG Listings BSCcan listing • Unlock the VAULT Begins novation Pulse • Syfter secret utility3 • CEX and DEX Listing initiavites • VAULT […]


Q1 2022 PROGRESS100% MORE DEVELOPMENT ✓ Arsenal Beta Testing / Mainnet Launch ✓ MEXC Listing ✓ New Partnerships ✓ Marketing Phase 2 ✓ Launch Fabwelt Staking Portal ✓ Website 3.0 Arsenal Grand Tournament Q2 2022 building up PROGRESS100% ✓ Bridge to AVAX ✓ Marketing Phase 3 ✓ Tier System P2E ✓ Fanwelt Alpha launch ✓ […]

Maxx Finance

2022 – Q2 ✔️Tokenomic & Planning ✔️Development Begins ✔️Pre-Fight Checklist 2022 – Q3 ✔️Community Building ✔️MAXX Genesis Giveaway ✔️Smart Contract Audits ✔️KYC 2022 – Q4 ✔️ Complete QA Testing Free Claim Airdrop Active Liquidity Amplifier Active GenesisNFT Distribution Active MAXX Boost Giveaway Active ✔️Main Launch 🚀 2023 – Q1-Q2 ✔Free Claim Airdrop Active Liquidity Amplifier […]

Interest Protocol

2022 ✅ Volatile + Stable SWAP✅ Masterchef Farms✅ Dinero ERC20 lending markets✅ Dinero LP tokens lending markets✅ Stable Vaults 2023Stable LP VaultsPre-sale Event/IEO/Public SaleCertik AuditPeckshield AuditMainnet Deployment (BNB Chain)Dinero PCS LP tokens lending marketsDinero BSW LP tokens lending marketsInterest Bearing Stable VaultsInterest Bearing Token Dinero MarketsPolygon ZK-EVM ExpansionDeploy on SuiEthereum ExpansionDAODEX V2


Q3 – 2022 Q4 – 2022 Q1 – 2023

Salazar Finance

(1) Q3 2022: Project idea and research about DeFi [done](2) Q4 2022: Smart contract development [done](3) Q4 2022:•Presale•Uniswap listing•Others exchange listing•Beta staking features live•Lending feature released on testnet(4) Q1 2023:• Launch staking platform (staking live)• Lending features live• Other token integrating•1st USDT/BUSD issued; CDP Smart contracts completed, issuingUSDT/BUSD•Mobile apps launching•ZARSwap Platform launching(5) Q2 2023:• Expanding […]