Magic Craft

Q1 – Q4 2022 Features ✓ Private and seed rounds✓ Token smart contract✓ Listing on CMC, CoinGecko✓ IDO✓ Listing on DEX✓ Tokenomics✓ First character sneak peaks✓ Listing on CEX✓ MOBA concept✓ Gameplay trailer✓ VIP Closed Beta Launch✓ NFT Marketplace Launch✓ Establishing Key Partnerships✓ Staking Launch✓ 9,999 NFT Genesis Collection✓ Official Trailer✓ NFTs with Heroes✓ Preview […]


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Himo World

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Q1 2022•Team formed•Agreed application concept•Launched Miles app in theApp store Q2 2022• Engaged bloggers, Influencersand celebrities as partners•Launched a website and socialnetworks•Assembled thecommunity-focused team•AMAZY NFT sneakerscontest launched•Signing launchpad forthe public round•Launching contests and socialnetworking activities to build aWhitelist for public sale of NFTsand tokens• Launching a closed beta versionof the app• Development of AMAZYacademy to […]


Q2-2022 * Game ideas* Building developer team* Core game development* Game development* Model building* Build gameplay Q3-2022 * Build game Demo PVE & PVP mode* Draw artist* Build Marketing plan Q4-2022 * Build Marketplace* Launch website and whitepaper* Audit Smart Contract Q1-2023 Phase 1* Community & Marketing* Airdrop/IDO & Testnet* Release PVE, PVP, MarketplacePhase 2* […]


BATTLE ROYALE ALPHAOn June 30th, the launch of VivaionBattle Royale will be released as a Freeto Play & Play to Collect game. Alphawill have a battle pass included ESPORTS & TWITCHIn the month of July we will bepartnering with esports teams &sponsored twitch streamers forour skin drops & rewards. VIVAION SUMMER EVENTVivaion’s Summer Season event […]

Z Versus

Q 4 -2021 Q 1 2022 • Core Team Creation• Entity Establishment• Game Concept and Game DesignRelease• Create Project Website• Roadmap Creation, Tokenomics andPitch Deck.• Kickstart Development of Game Quarter2/3 2022 • Publish Project Website• Restructuring of Social CommunicationNetworks.• KYC and AUDİT• Team & Advisors Finalization• Fair Launch• Swap Listings• Launch Pre-Alpha Version• NFTs and […]

Entice Coin

Q4 2022 CEX Listing & Fund wallets Q1 2023 Entice Games iOS Q2 2023 Entice Games Growth