EGO (Paysenger)

Q-4 // 2020•Start of Developing•Alfa-product / White paper Q-2 // 2021•Seed Investment Q-3 // 2021•Launch Web version Q-4 // 2021•Private sale 1•First marketing campaigns•Influencer marketing implementation Q1 // 2022•CRYPTO EXPO DUBAI 2022•Building Crypto Angel ecosystem•Active campaigns in CIS, USA, India, Brazil•Marketing Campaing before Public Presale•World Blockchain Summit Dubai 2022 EGO Platinum sponsor Q2 // 2022•Mobile […]

Easy FeedBack

1stquarter 2022 Start of the development of Proof of Feedback and re-branding.2ndquarter 2022 Launch of the new version of and EasyFeedback PRO• New UI & UX of 2022 Proof of Feedback (PoF) in Spain.• Creation of the internal and lawyer validator Oracles.• Integration of the mining system of EasyFeedback tokens in the processof […]