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PERFUEL is short for “Perfect Fuel,” which is what the team behind the foundation believes blockchain can be. PERFUEL is creating a solution to this with a proprietary blockchain that will use proof of stake as a consensus model. This means those who hold the most tokens would have the most power to validate transactions. This would create an incentive for users to invest in green energy sources, as they would be able to earn more rewards.

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Q3 – 2022

  • Launch social media channels – Twitter, Discord & Website for PERFUEL Coin – Our plans will finally start to reveal to the world the new revolution we are working towards with you, our early adopter community. (√)
  • Showcase our model of PERFUEL (√)
    coin – see the real-world assetbacked token in action. We will release media videos & media packages to continue spreading the word of this revolutionary new project that is eco- friendly.
  • Preview – we pull back the curtains a little further and show you what will come exclusively to PERFUEL Coin. We offer you real-worldbacked assets! Imagine your tokens holding real-world assets such as carbon credits, precious metals, and secure, eco-friendly company fractional ownership. (√)

Q4 – 2022

  • We launch PERFUEL Coin on the blockchain and have LIMITS imposed on wallets. We want a fair community distribution. Tokens will be available on UniSwap. (√)
  • Addition of PERFUEL functionality. Holders of the token at certain levels will be rewarded with special HODL bonuses to thank you for supporting the community. (√)
  • LAUNCH of our PERFUEL exclusive merchandise store with some collectables available only to token holders. (√)
  • Further reveal our token backed real-world assets and investment in the future for all PERFUEL holders. (√)

Q1 – 2023

  • Purchase real-world ownership in ecologically friendly companies to create an ongoing revenue stream for our community.
  • Activate PERFUEL STAKING opportunities for our native token and bonuses for long term holders.
  • Further reveal our insight into our concept design with PERFUEL holders in mind. Participate in green initiatives moving forward.
  • Donations will be made to community-based organizations that our members will vote on- making a real-world difference!


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