Magic Craft

Q1 – Q4 2022 Features ✓ Private and seed rounds✓ Token smart contract✓ Listing on CMC, CoinGecko✓ IDO✓ Listing on DEX✓ Tokenomics✓ First character sneak peaks✓ Listing on CEX✓ MOBA concept✓ Gameplay trailer✓ VIP Closed Beta Launch✓ NFT Marketplace Launch✓ Establishing Key Partnerships✓ Staking Launch✓ 9,999 NFT Genesis Collection✓ Official Trailer✓ NFTs with Heroes✓ Preview […]


Nov 21 Jan’22 – Mar’22 Expanded liquid staking offerings to Hedera, Fantom and Polygon Apr’22 – June’22 Launched liquid staking on Terra 2.0 Jul’22 – Sep’22 Launched liquid staking on BNB Chain and NEAR Oct’22 – Dec’22

Zenex Coin

Q4 2022 – Q1 2023 QUARTER1 2023 Q2 – Q4 2023 QUARTER3 2023 QUARTER4 2023 QUARTER4 2024 QUARTER3 2025 QUARTER1 2027 QUARTER1 2030


Phase 01• SaitaPro Launch √• FANG Beta Launch √• V2 of SaitaRealty √• New Exchange Listings √• Redesign of √SaitaRealty brand √ Phase 02• Local and globalpartnerships for SaitaProand Saitama utility adoption.• Utility Adoption – Partnershipwith Governments• Saitama BNB Bridge• Wolfcaster Game Launch• SaitaRealty, AssetAcquisition• 500K Holders Phase 03• Launch of SaitaChain(our Blockchain)• SaitaCity (Saitamapowered […]

Alvey Chain

Stage 1•Research•Blockchain Creation•Windows/Linux Wallet•Explorer, Nodes Stage 2•ICO•Global Marketing•CEX Listing•Android/iOS Wallet Stage 3•Credit Card Integration•Dapps Development•Setting up Foundation•Alvey Forest Metaverse Stage 4•Multichain Trading and Staking•Sponsorship and Partnership•NFT Marketplace•Release V.R. Exchange Stage 5•Upgrade to L2


Q1.2023 • Event Sponsorships and Roadshows – 1• Testnet Launch•​ TGE (Token Generation Event)• Coinmarketcap & Coingecko Listing• CEX (Centralised Exchange) & DEX (Decentralised Exchange) Listing​• More Listing on CEX & DEX• 2 Maritime Assets Token (MAT) Listing•​ Mainnet Launch​• Exchange Platform launch Q3 2023• Shipfinex Blockchain Q4 2023• Shipfinex DAO,and Marineverse Q1 2024• Tokenized […]

Animal Concerts

Phase 1 Complete✓ INCEPTION Phase 2 ANIMAL CONCERTS – FAN EXPERIENCE The Fan Experience powered by Animal Concerts is a cross-platform application with crypto-native features. The application allows fans to experience the music and entertainment content powered by Animal Concerts. A unique value proposition is Fan Experience NFTs. » Show More Phase 3 ANIMAL CONCERTS […]

Atlas Navi

Q1 2022 Start building the  ecosystem Website launch Social Media Presence Community Building Awareness Programs Seed Round closed Private sale 1  closed Q2 2022 Awareness Strategic partnerships Marketing Recruiting and expanding the basics of the organization to continue to adapt the project Q3 2022 Beta app release Launching Beta release for presale participants Preparing the […]


Q1 2022 Fiat Deposits Fiat Earnings for USD, EUR, HKD, GBP, CHF, AUD, JPY Crypto Spot Trading Q2 2022 hi Debit Card Crypto Derivatives Trading Additional Membership Benefits hi Protocol Testnet Launch Non-Custodial Wallet Launch Q3 2022 Forex and Stocks Investing hi Pay for Merchants Cross-Chain DEX Launch hi Protocol Developer Sandbox Launch Q4 2022 […]


Q3 2022 Public Sale CEX/DEX Listing Marketplace dApp Q4 2022 Blockchain Commerce Beta Blockchain Music Crypto Card Q1 2023 Beta NFT as Inventory 1,000 Businesses Integrated Beta Blockchain Ticketing Q2 2023 Crypto Wallet App 10,000 Businesses Integrated Beta Blockchain Real Estate Complete Spume Domination