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Q1- ✓ Pre-alpha launch: Reitio v1 (3D NFT Creator) ✓ Hegion: Capsule development ✓ Alpha launch: Artemis v2 (The Armoury) ✓ Reitio: CCRP testnet ✓ Alpha launch: Reitio v2 (3D NFT Creator) Q2 ✓ Project ideation & conceptualization ✓ Reitio: 3D NFT Creator technical documentation ✓ Website v1 Q3 ✓ Reitio: VAS technical documentation ✓ Reitio: 3D NFT Creator […]


22 Q2• Platform development UX/UI• Landing page launch• Smart contract development22 Q3• Platform testing• Platform audit• Strategic partnerships• Smart contract audit22 Q4• Platform desktop and mobile• Alpha launch on Ethereum blockchain• New features and use cases development• 3D and VR art gallery development• Formation of Signifty Good Deeds Fund23 Q1• Desktop and mobile platform beta […]

Salazar Finance

(1) Q3 2022: Project idea and research about DeFi [done](2) Q4 2022: Smart contract development [done](3) Q4 2022:•Presale•Uniswap listing•Others exchange listing•Beta staking features live•Lending feature released on testnet(4) Q1 2023:• Launch staking platform (staking live)• Lending features live• Other token integrating•1st USDT/BUSD issued; CDP Smart contracts completed, issuingUSDT/BUSD•Mobile apps launching•ZARSwap Platform launching(5) Q2 2023:• Expanding […]


Q4 2022presale • Presale launch of theMetacade token ($MCADE)• Release website,Whitepaper andtokenomics • Build founding team• Full Security Audit• Establish initial communityon Discord and othersocial media platforms• Influencer marketing driveLaunch gaming• community giveaways& competitions Q1 2023CEX Listings • Token Launch • Token listing on CoinGecko& CoinMarketCap • Token listing on Uniswap • CEX listing drive, […]


Q2&Q3/ 2022. Website release. LuxWorld litepaperer release. INO NFT Check-in Nade Q4/ 2022. Mobile app Beta release. NFT Marketplace. Marketing kick – off. INO NFT Luggage. Audit smart Contract. Web manage node NFT. App Beta. LUX Public sale Q2&Q3/ 2023. Web3 social network. User NFT generation system. Renting NFTs. Bridge to Polygon/BNB Q1/ 2023. Social-Fi […]