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PureFi Protocol allows dApps to fully comply with local and global regulations while preserving decentralization and user anonymity.

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September 2021

JavaScript Widget | B2B Case

PureFi Protocol checks the user’s UFI balance in 3 networks (ETH, MATIC, BSC) allowing to generate a PDF VC certificate.

  • Auth via Metamask
  • Auth via Wallet Connect

October 2021

JavaScript Widget | B2B Case

PureFi Protocol checks the user’s UFI balance in 3 networks (ETH, MATIC, BSC) allowing to generate a PDF VC certificate.

  • Checking pool’s address and user’s address simultaneously
  • UI of the Beta widget interface on the test environment

December 2021

JavaScript Widget to support Angular, React, Vue

To simplify an integration, the PureFi JS-button will be supporting Angular, React, Vue.

  • NPM module for React mini app
  • CSS templating for clients’ customisations

Q2 2022

January 2022

Beta Smart Contract

Allowing to filter liquidity from users based on AML risk score

PureFi Widget for Gleam.io

Allowing IDO launch pads and other services that use Gleam to integrate PureFi button for AML checks

February 2022

PureFi’s set of Smart Contracts

  • Solidity SDK
  • Version 1.0

The set of smart-contracts to cut dirty liquidity with minimum gas overheads providing whitelisting and SSI functionality.

March 2022

Integration with Synaps for KYC dID

Allowing for decentralized on-chain KYC where an authorized wallet address will be associated with user’s KYC data.

PureFi tier systems

Monetization via IQ-like protocol or simple tiers system.

PureFi Product Dashboard MVP

The dashboard shows all of the authorized wallets’ transactions including labeling (source of funds) and providing transaction monitoring overview.

  • Buying UFI, bridging, farming, PureFi Strategic Rounds, Transaction list

Q3 2022

April 2022

PureFi Token Analytics MVP

An analytics tool for various crypto projects to understand its token’s on-chain state (amount of holders, coins on hand, organic vs artificial volume etc.)

May 2022

PureFi’s set of Smart Contracts

  • Solidity SDK
  • Version 2.0

PureFi Dashboard

  • Version 1.0

Transaction labeling, support of additional EVM compatible blockchains

CBDC Pilot

PureFi Protocol to become a part of CBDC pilot testing.

June 2022

JavaScript Widget B2B Case

Actual VC made from PDF certificate. A business pays for the AML wallet screening.

Clusterization and transaction monitoring by PureFi

An analytics tool for mapping out blockchains creating address clusters in order to understand the flow and riskiness of its transactions.

  • BSC
  • Other blockchains TBC

PureFi Token Analytics

  • Kit Version 1.0

Q4 2022

July 2022

PureFi Dashboard

  • Version 2.0

Possibility to generate DeFi verification report to prove the source of funds

PureFi Protocol to incorporate additional AML providers and KYC issuers

An option to choose between KYC providers with whom to do KYC verification. Additional AML providers will insure a more accurate aggregated AML score.

August 2022

PureFi Token Analytics

  • Kit Version 2.0

UI and automatic on-chain token report generation

September 2022

PureFi Dashboard

  • Version 2.1

Checking smart-contracts (DeFi pools, bridges and etc.) for the AML risks within the UI.

JavaScript Widget to support KYC Verification

On-Chain KYC Verification. The KYC information will be associated with a particular wallet authorized through the widget.

December 2022

PureFi Dashboard

  • Version 3.0

PureFi Token Analytics

  • Kit Version 3.0

Proof of existence of PureFi VC – anchoring

  • Casper Network


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