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Coin Official is a new state-of-the-art on-chain coin voting website built from the ground up where users use our $VOTE token to vote on their favourite projects tracked by the blockchain—allowing for a layer of transparency never seen before—accompanied by tools ranging from staking creation pools, referral systems, token and news pages to a Web3 account tracker and a bespoke Influencer Marketplace consisting of more than 40+ Influencers and growing each day

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Binance Smart Chain

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Phase 1: The Beginning

  • Branding
  • Front end development
  • Back end development
  • Token smart contract development
  • NFT smart contract development
  • Staking smart contract development

Phase 2: Platform QA

  • Seed Sale
  • Website deployed and QA’d
  • Token smart contract deployed and QA’d on test net
  • NFT smart contract deployed and QA’d on test net
  • Staking smart contract deployed and QA’d on test net

Phase 3: Final Preparations

  • Private Sale
  • Token smart contract deployed on main net
  • NFT smart contract deployed on main net
  • Staking smart contract deployed on main net
  • Private Sale funds raised
  • Assure Defi KYC
  • Forming partnerships and creating brand awareness
  • Marketing campaign begins
  • Influencer campaign begins

Phase 4: Project Launch

  • Pre-sale completed (IDO) on PinkSale
  • Token liquidity added and voting platform goes live for projects and users.
  • Community Engagement Initiatives
  • Additional partnerships created
  • Additional marketing

Phase 5: Future Develpment

  • Launchpad platform creation
  • Multi-chain solutions
  • NFT Analytics website
  • NFT Official
  • Additional tools for Coin Official


Team Members

A much simpler project tracking for research and the world’s perfect research reference for early stage projects and for project development processes.